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Can the "setup wizard" script be executed in advance?

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Can the "setup wizard" script be executed in advance?

We are planning to run the "setup wizard" tonight in preparation for a migration that will only happen tomorrow.  So tomorrow morning we will be running the *-all.sh script generated by "setup wizard". Is this ok? When is the flashback_scn generated? When "setup wizard" is executed or when the *-all.sh script is executed?


Yes the "setup wizard" can be run in advance. The setup wizard does not make any changes in the database or record any SCNs. It only creates the replication scripts including the *-all.sh script (which calls all the other scripts).

The flashback_scn is generated when the *-all.sh script is run. The actual Dbvisit Replicate internal commands are in the *.dbvrep script and this script is executed as part of the *-all.sh script.

Arjen Visser June 14, 2013 22:56

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