Dbvisit installation in ext3,ext4 or xfs file system

Problem Description

Customers ask if there is a difference or issue when dbvisit installation can be done on ext4 filesystem but the database is in ext3 filesystem.


The general principle is this: as long as Oracle supports the file-system type then Dbvisit Standby should also.

In checking in with our developers they said they would not expect any issues in working between the EXT3 and EXT4 file systems, and that this should be fine.

Their summary was that, all in all, as long as the OS is up to date then using it should be fine. For example, using later than 5.6 for OEL and RH, but ext4 has been out there for a while and should be good and Beginning with Oracle Linux 7, XFS is the default file system and is included with Basic and Premier Support subscriptions.

The following may be of some use for review, although the note states things more from a Linux point of view: Supported and Recommended File Systems on Linux (Doc ID 236826.1)

Mike Donovan September 23, 2014 12:31

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