Standby spfile Was Created Under DB_UNKNOWN Folder on ASM


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Standby SPFILE created in DB_UNKNOWN folder in ASM

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Affected Versions

Version 7.0

Affected Platforms

Should be platform independent


On the physical standby side, it is noticed that the standby SPFILE was created under DB_UNKNOWN folder on ASM:

WARNING:option 'a' is deprecated for 'ls'
please use 'absolutepath'
Type Redund Striped Time Sys Name
PARAMETERFILE UNPROT COARSE NOV 20 23:00:00 Y +DATA/prod/spfileprod1.ora => SPFILE.3607.864159439

Dbvisit has created an spfile as ASM alias. You may have provided +DATA as the location for an ASM spfile when creating the standby.

Dbvisit accepts an ASM diskgroup name as a location and places the spfile under +DG/db_unique_name, with a name spfileORACLE_SID_DEST.ora. When an ASM alias is created in ASM storage, it is created as a link to a "real" ASM file with fully qualified system name FQSN (SPFILE.3607.864159439 in your case) that is placed by Oracle usually under DB_UNKNOWN. Any ASM alias in ASM storage is linked to such a FQSN(Fully Qualified System Name) file.

Dbvisit has functionality to create two types of spfiles:

  • A filesystem file in default OS location (ORACLE_HOME/dbs on UNIX).

  • An ASM alias under +DG/db_unique_name that will point to a FQSN file created by Oracle.

Donna Zehl December 24, 2014 04:07

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