Windows: Password Change of Oracle/Standby Installation Owner


Problem Description

What should be done if the password is changed for the account in windows with which dbvisit standby and oracle database has been installed.


This is the operating system user, so when using Windows it is important to update the service passwords for the dbvserver/dbvnet.

Dbvisit Standby does not use or store the OS user password anywhere. Dbvnet and Dbvserver internally use the user admin which have a password stored in the dbvserver.conf and dbvnet.conf files. These are different to the Operating system user.

Once you have changed the operating system user password, you can run the below to make sure you can still connect between the primary and standby.

dbvnet-test.exe  -s dbvwin102:7890 (For Version 7)
dbvnet.exe -e "hostname" (For Version 8)
or do a system readiness check
dbvctl.exe  -f system_readiness (For Version 8)

Note: Testing password changes can always be executed on your test system so you can test and see the outcome of this change before performing the change in production.

Donna Zehl February 25, 2015 07:53

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