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WARN-3111: Apply SQL is running too long


When the following is received from the APPLY process:

2013/06/20 21:00:33 WARN> WARN-3111: Apply SQL is running too long, please investigate the execution plan. Maybe you need to add some indexes? (Time spent so far: 39 seconds, SID = 154, SQL: insert into OE."LOGON"
2013/06/20 21:00:33 INFO> Apply progress: 630709 LCRs processed.
2013/06/20 21:00:44 WARN> WARN-4504: Error trying to return data for command /engine/accept_remote_command: Broken pipe. Bytes to send: 98, bytes sent: 0 (server).

Investigate v$session for any locks.

The APPLY process will have stopped. Please restart the APPLY process.

Arjen Visser June 21, 2013 18:24

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