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HP-UX does not have termcap installed

Problem Description

HP-UX does not have termcap installed by default and is therefore unable to run a full-featured Dbvisit Replicate console. The solution is to install termcap on the HP-UX system if possible.


Alternatively, you can:

  • Get the usual user-friendly console by running it elsewhere. Run console from a different box. It does not have to run from the source server. Any server that can connect to the databases and process port will work. You do have to install dbvrep into that box of course.


  • Run the Dbvisit Replicate console on hp-ux, but in no-frills mode. This will result in the console having no status bar, no command line history etc.:
    start-console.sh --no-termcap

Donna Zehl May 28, 2014 07:53

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