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What Is the Heartbeat Table?

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This Article explains the Purpose of the Heart beat table which was introduced in version 2.6 Dbvisit replicate.


The heartbeat table or DBRSCOMMON_HEARTBEAT in the dbvrep schema, is a table that was introduced in version 2.6 of Dbvisit Replicate.

This table is updated every 10 seconds by Dbvisit Replicate. The setting is configured by the parameter MINE_HEARTBEAT_TIME. The default is 10 seconds. A value of 0 will disable this feature.

The table contains information about the timestamps of both the source and target as well as the SCN number that has been processed. This table can be queried to determine the current status of the replication.

This also determines how often the MINE process is ready to receive further remote commands.

Chris Lawless December 25, 2014 08:49

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