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Reducing the Size of Dbvisit Replicate Log Tables Like DBRSCOMMON_ERRORLOG

Problem Description

Dbvisit Replicate has been running for more than a year and our DBRSCOMMON_ERRORLOG table is very large: 8.7 GB and 54 million records on the destination server and about half of that on the source. The DBRSAPPLY_CONFLICT_LOG table is also getting large (~ 300 MB now).

What's the process to prune the tables? I.e., Should we just delete older records or is there a better way within replicate to remove the older log data.

  1. You can simply delete old (all) records out of the likes of DBRSCOMMON_ERRORLOG and DBRSAPPLY_CONFLICT_LOG tables.

  2. An even better approach would be to shutdown APPLY (or MINE if it's a table on the source) and then truncate those tables. That’s faster and actually reduces the table sizes.


Mike Donovan February 03, 2015 13:39

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