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Conflict Does Not Display the Full Error Message

Problem Description

In DBVisit replicate we have a conflict but we cannot see the full SQL. This article explains what  We need to do to see the full SQL to check the data on the replicate side. 

dbvrep> list conflict 
Information for conflict 113020000521 (current conflict): 
Table: SCOTT.MY_TABLE at transaction 0022.006.000daaf2 at SCN 3443583269 
SQL text (with replaced bind values): insert into SCOTT."MY_TABLE" 
Error: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SCOTT.SYS_C0092331) violated

Handled as: PAUSE 
Conflict repeated 21 times.

Depending on your screen size, the full error may not show. You can get the full text from the dbvrep schema:

set long 9000
set longc 9000
select sql_text_nobind from dbvrep.DBRSAPPLY_CONFLICT_LOG where transaction_id='0022.006.000daaf2';

Take the transaction_id from the error message. You may need to change the schema if you did not use the default one (dbvrep).

Chris Lawless February 13, 2015 08:37

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