Dbvisit does not set a thread number to 1 on Oracle 9 when log_archive_format does not contain %t


Read our docs Dbvisit does not recognise the thread number when the archivelog does not have %t in their log_archive_format parameter , specifically in Oracle 9i.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Dbvisit fails to recognise the thread number

Applicable Error Code

Error in recognizing if the Database is RAC

Affected Versions

Database version 9i and Standby version 6.0 and 7.0

Affected Platforms

Platform Independent.


Dbvisit does not recognize the thread number in oracle 9i if it does not have %t in log_archive_format


It is recommended that THREAD_DEST is set to Y in the DDC file for Oracle 9i when Oracle database parameter log_archive_format does not contain a thread number  %t.

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