Dbvisit Standby Cannot Obtain License Information

Problem Description
Dbvisit Standby cannot obtaining license information for user dbvisit. Please contact Dbvisit support.

Dbvisit Standby stopped transfering the archivelogs. The following was tried:

../dbvisit -lic ORCL XswaD1S8001 client_number

But this was without success.


A change in the glogin.sql (set pagesize 0) was causing the issue. This stopped Dbvisit Standby from reading the output from Oracle. Normally the glogin.sql does not affect Dbvisit Standby unless glogin.sql is sitting in the Dbvisit Standby directory or located in the PATH setting in the DDC file.

So you can still use the changed glogin.sql, just move it to a different location unrelated to Dbvisit Standby.

This error has been noticed in Version 6.0 of standby, This has not been noticed in Version 7.0 and in Version 8.0 the repository is no longer in oracle database, but located in a separate SQLITE repository.

Arjen Visser May 30, 2013 23:39

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