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Is Automatic Failover Supported in Dbvisit Standby?

Problem Description

Is automatic failover supported with Dbvisit Standby? What is the failover process?


We have chosen not to include automation of the failover process in the application, as it is difficult for software to determine if it is a real disaster or just a temporary glitch - and so is a decision we feel should be left to a knowledgeable operator. The failover process also cannot be reversed. The standby database partnership is broken by the failover process and you have to recreate the standby database after this operation. Therefore, it is crucial that this only happens in case of a real disaster.

However, with Dbvisit Standby the standby database is ready to take over instantly at any time, and it only requires one command to activate the standby database (to perform an internal resetlogs and open it as its own read-write database) This can be scripted to run automatically if automatic failover is required.

This could be achieved, relatively easily, with some scripts or a basic app, created to run on the standby (or third party) server. A 'programmatic' approach to this would look something like the following:

On secondary server

$primary-server-down-flag = function-to-test-if-primary-server-is-down();
if ( primary-server-down-flag = true )
# Activate standby database
dbv_oraStartStop activate standby_db Yes
# The yes parameter is for batch mode
end if

More information on the Failover process can be found in the user guide.Please refer to the user guide based on the version of the software.

Version 6.0


Version 7.0


Version 8.0


Mike Donovan July 04, 2013 13:49

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