Configure Active-Passive Implementation


We have an Oracle implementation which consists of:

  • 2 nodes in an Active-Passive configuration.
  • 1 node standby database.

Right now Dbvisit Standby is configured only from the active node to the standby database. If need to implement from both nodes active-passive to replicate to the standby. What is the best option to do that?


Our recommendation is to use VIP address as a connection address. When the primary active node goes down, start Dbvisit Standby on the passive node using VIP address from the active node.

So, just stepping back from the detail for a minute, a 2 node cluster (with heartbeat) is a system where one node is active and the other node is in a dormant mode. This is also called an active/passive cluster.

If the dormant node detects that the other node is no longer active, then it will activate itself and become the active node. The cluster will usually have a (shared) file system which is either mounted on node 1 or node 2 depending on which is the active node. The cluster will also have a virtual node name (or logical hostname) and a virtual IP address. This virtual name and IP address will be associated with the active node and will swap over to the other node if that node becomes active.

To setup Dbvisit Standby on a two node cluster you can choose to either install Dbvisit Standby on the shared file system or a local file system. 

Refer to the Dbvisit User Guide based on the version you use for detail instructions on these configurations.

Mike Donovan July 05, 2013 14:13

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