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SSL-TLS Mail Settings

Problem Description

How to configure required SSL-TLS settings for SMTP Server.


As of the latest version (7.0.10) of Dbvisit Standby, SSL-TLS is now supported. Use appropriate values for below parameters, Check user guide for details on E-Mail configuration.


(There are some issues in Windows servers w.r.t to TLS which is being worked on and will be released in version 8.0.12 (Apr-2017))

For versions of Dbvisit Standby prior to 7.0:

Unfortunately we do not currently support SSL-TLS with Dbvisit Standby (as of version 6.0.48) to be able to use email services, such as Gmail.

We are working on providing SSL-TLS compatibility - it is on our road map - but we do not have a release date for this yet.

Usually your local ISP provides a free smtp server that you can use, and so we suggest you investigate this as an alternative.

Mike Donovan July 07, 2013 23:06

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