Why Is v$archived_log Not Being Updated

Problem Description

Log Gap reports show all is well with my standby environment. However, if we query v$archived_log in the standby, we don't see any sequences with applied = YES. Shouldn't we see some sequences as applied?


v$archived_log.applied is only relevant for Data Guard. Logs applied by Dbvisit Standby DO NOT show in v$archived_log on the standby, but only in v$log_history.

Description of v$archived_log.applied from the Ora docs:

Indicates whether the archivelog has been applied to its corresponding standby database (YES) or not (NO). The value is always NO for local destinations.

This column is meaningful at the physical standby site for the ARCHIVED_LOG entries with REGISTRAR=RFS (which means this log is shipped from the primary to the standby database). If REGISTRAR=RFS and APPLIED is NO, then the log has arrived at the standby but has not yet been applied. If REGISTRAR=RFS and APPLIED is YES, the log has arrived and been applied at the standby database.

You can use this field to identify archivelogs that can be backed up and removed from disk.

Mike Donovan July 07, 2013 23:51

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