Dbvisit Standby and 12c - Multi-Tenancy


The new multi-tenant option (also known as Pluggable Databases) allows for one single PDB to be created in a Container Database when using SE or SE1.

Standby version 6.0 and 7.0 does not support multi-tenant option in 12c , The multi-tenancy option is supported from Version 8.0, but we have to make sure that the standby is created only after creating the pluggable database..

However, please note that we do support 12c Standard Edition, as long as a container database with 1 PDB is not used. This means that normal (non-PDB) databases will work fine, based on testing so far. Please take a look at the following blog post, in which we have put this very thing to the test:


Mike Donovan August 19, 2013 21:43

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