Can Dbvisit Function with SSH Restricted to One Direction, from Primary to Standby

Problem Description

We are evaluating Dbvisit standby for maintaining a reporting database in a less secure network area. Is it possible to enable SSH only in one direction, from Primary to Standby, with no traffic allowed from standby server to the primary? Would such a restriction rule out the use of Dbvisit Standby?


With Dbvisit Standby there is actually a setting called BLIND which enables this kind of scenario.

Setting BLIND=Y in the DDC enforces this, and allows one-way communication of Dbvisit Standby from primary to standby for ultra secure configurations which only allow one-way traffic.

However, with this there is reduced Dbvisit Standby functionality. So it is important to be aware of this:

  • No checkums.
  • No log gap reporting.
  • No Resync.
  • No creation of standby database options available.

There are also restrictions around using Dbvisit Standby (rather than a logical replication tool such as Dbvisit Replicate) for reporting purposes. But you are most likely aware of these already.

Mike Donovan November 21, 2013 17:26

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