Oracle Restart Can Disrupt Synchronize Standby Database Option

Problem Description

If using Oracle Restart on the standby server to ensure your standby database is auto started during system restart, you need to be aware that if you run the Dbvisit Standby Synchronize Standby Database feature to recover your standby database due to possible unrecoverable archive log gap or to ensure the standby is not affected by nologging operations that was executed on the primary, you have to temporary disable the auto start/stop of the standby database by Oracle Restart.


The reason for this is that when the Synchronize Standby Database process is executed, Dbvisit Standby will restart the standby database and if Oracle Restart is enabled for this database, it will restart the database, while Dbvisit Standby is still busy with its tasks. To ensure this conflict does not happen it is recommended to temporary disable the database resource from being auto started by Oracle Restart.

This can be done by using the following commands on the standby server:

  • To disable it before you run the synchronize database option:

    crsctl modify resource <Resource> -attr "ENABLED=0"
  • To enable it after you ran the synchronize database option:

    crsctl modify resource <Resource> -attr "ENABLED=1"

Note: Replace <Resource> with your standby database resource name.

Anton Els December 07, 2013 09:03

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