Error Running CSD with Dbvisit Standby on VirtualBox(Version 6.0)


Installed Dbvisit Standby on VirtualBox (these are ready-built boxes from Oracle themselves), got dbvserverd running, but cannot create the standby database. I get an error message which I cannot understand:

Server one, an error has occurred:
Dbvisit exit code: 1
Detailed error message: 201312071631 - Problem with /usr/bin/scp /usr/local/dbvisit/standby/dbv_orcl.env two:/usr/local/dbvisit/standby/dbv_orcl.env. _
_Ensure /usr/bin/scp is configured correctly without needing a password or passphrase, the file exists and the remote directory /usr/local/dbvisit/standby on two exists. _
_All passwords are oracle or noted if otherwise.
Dbvisit Standby terminated. _
_Return code = 1
(Tracefile required if contacting Dbvisit Standby support: /usr/tmp/3331_dbvserverd.trc (server:one))

SCP does not work between the 2 VirtualBoxes boxes because there is display output in ~oracle/.bashrc and ~oracle/.bash_profile

To fix this try:

  1. Edit: .bashrc

    Put a # in front of the following lines:

    #cat ~/Desktop/README.txt
    #/sbin/ifconfig | grep "inet addr"
  2. Edit: .bash_profile

    Put a # in front of the following lines:

    #echo IP Address is:
    #/sbin/ifconfig | grep "inet addr"

    Side note: if you do more you cannot copy from screen (because of CR's). However, if you cat the file, you can.

Mike Donovan December 09, 2013 10:50

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