Resetting Web Interface Password



 If we forget the admin password for GUI console we can reset it to the default password by doing the following.


In Standby v7:

Set password to the following in your dbvserver.conf file, and then restart the Dbvserver process:

password = ENCRYPT53616c7465645f5f32e69bb1c7a169e71ff2852ccff66cb3

This will set the password back to the default, admin.

Once you have logged in with this then you can adjust it again via the web interface.

1. Access the GUI with user admin and password admin

2. On the Dbvisit Main Menu page, click on the SETTINGS tab in the right top corner, next to LOGOUT

3. On the SETTINGS page, you will be prompted to choose the Dbvisit product you want to change.

4. If you click on Click & Pick, a dropdown menu will appear , choose Dbvserver

5. On the DBVSERVER SETTINGS page the 3rd option is PASSWORD : please enter the new password twice.

6. Go to the bottom of the DBVSERVER SETTING page and click on Save Settings to save the changes you made.

7. A note will pop up in the SETTINGS page to indicate the change will take approximately 1 minute to take effect. Please log out of the GUI and wait a few minutes.

8. Access the GUI, the user admin, and enter the new password.

9. This will bring you to the Dbvisit Main Menu page


In Standby v8:

Set the admin password to a value of your choosing. e.g admin in the example below

oracle@dbvlab03[/usr/dbvisit/dbvserver]: ./dbvserver -a admin
admin account has been reset

Donna Zehl May 16, 2014 08:34

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    Mohsinahmed Khan

    I want to reset gui console password as our own, but whiling executing above command it has reset as admin only.