OpenSSL Heartbeat (Heartbleed bug)


To check out of there is a impact  with Dbvisit Standby software and embedded software (bitvise, winssh, etc.) and the openSSL Heartbleed Bug.


We checked in with the makers of Bitvise in relation to the Winssh component that is bundled with the Windows version of Dbvisit Standby version 6. They came back with the following:

The OpenSSL heartbeat vulnerability affects both a protocol we do not implement, and a code base that is independent of ours. None of our software shares any code with OpenSSL or OpenSSH.

For Dbvisit Standby version 7 changes were made as of 7.0.12 to implement various security fixes which work around the heartbeat vulnerabilities. So versions from 7.0.12+ can be considered secured from these OpenSSL bugs.

Mike Donovan May 27, 2014 15:11

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