RAC Maintenance with Standby


In a two node RAC and one standby database. We need to restart the one node of RAC for hardware replacement. Dbvisit side, what we have to do while shutting down the node and after node starts up?


The restart will explain why you got the error as the /tmp will be cleaned during a reboot depending on your settings of course. 

When restarting a node the key is to just stop the schedules on that node (cron jobs etc), then once the node is up, start dbvserver and enable the schedules. While the node is down the other RAC node where Dbvisit is still running will take over the node that is down (it will ship the archive logs of the node that is down - for that thread), as long as RAC_TAKEOVER and RAC_TAKEOVER_SID settings are configured in the DDC.

We do recommend you review the latest updated and upgrade as there are a number of fixes with regards to RAC.

The article is applicable for Standby Version 7.0 ONLY.


Donna Zehl June 19, 2014 03:16

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