Create Standby Database (CSD) Fails when Using NFS for Trace Directory


Creating the Standby database with Dbvisit Standby (CSD), when using Transportable media, fails with the following error:

Restoring standby control files...
Standby control files restored.
Starting Standby Database testdb...
Standby Database testdb started .
Standby database testdb on dbvlin804 mounted.

Restore datafile 1...
201407081250 - Cannot find /standby_nfs/tmp/20219.dbvisit.201407081250_rman.dbv on dbvlin803. Please run command again, else please contact Dbvisit support.

Dbvisit Standby terminated.
Return code = 929

In this example, /standby_nfs was a NFS Shared location for both Primary and Standby.


In this case the underlying issue was related to the Trace location specified in the DDC file. Both the Primary and Standby servers were using a Common NFS Shared location for maintaining the Dbvisit Standby Trace files.

However, this is not possible as the files produced by each side conflicted with one another, so you need to make sure either the Dbvisit Standby Trace location exists locally on the file system, or else create separate Trace directories in the NFS Share for Primary and Standby servers.

Note: In Dbvisit Standby v6, we cannot have different directories for maintaining Dbvisit Trace, so the only solution is not using a shared NFS location. The trace file location is determined by the TMP variable in the Dbvisit Standby Database Configuration (DDC) file.

Ankit Arora July 23, 2014 17:53

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