Purging the Dbvisit Standby Database Repository (DDR) -Version 7.0 and 6.0

Problem Description

The Dbvisit Standby Database Repository (DDR) is a small repository located in the primary database server (under the dbvisit7 schema (v7) and dbvisit schema (v6)) and should not take more than about 10MB in space.

Note: This is not applicable for Version 8.0 since we use sqlite repository in version 8.0


The DDR is not automatically purged and may grow over time. A purging maintenance process can be setup to remove old entries.

The only two tables which may be purged or maintained by removing older entries include: DBV_TRANSFER_LOG and DBV_SEQUENCE_LOG.

Steps Performed
delete from DBV_TRANSFER_LOG where DATESTAMP < (SYSDATE - 90);

Note: Both the DBV_TRANSFER_LOG and DBV_SEQUENCE_LOG tables are used by the application for reporting (ie: the Reporting charts in the web based interface) so removing this data means that it will no longer be displayed in these reports.

Mike Donovan August 04, 2014 11:30

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