Recovery from Missing Archive Log

Problem Description

Standby is complaining that it needs an archive log that no longer exists and hasn't been applied on standby. The below article explains how to resolve the issue , provided the archivelog is still available in the Primary or can be restored from the backup.


There are two possible options for resolving this issue using dbvisit standby commands.

  1. Use the -r option to ship the archivelog again from the primary to the standby.  

dbvisit -r <sequence> <DDC> (For Standby Version 7.0)
dbvctl -d <DDC> -r <sequence#> -t <thread#> (For Standby Version 8.0)


     2. Use the SSD (Synchronize Standby Database) process to sync the standby with primary if the required archivelog is not present in the primary and could not be restored.

       For Standby Version 7.0:


       For Standby Version 8.0:



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