Dbvisit Terminates as Another Dbvisit Process Is Still Running


Read our docs The Dbvisit process terminates complaining that another process is still running , mainly during sending and applying logs.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Dbvisit process terminates complaining another process is running

Applicable Error Code

Return code = 701

Affected Versions

Standby Version 7.0 

Affected Platforms

Platform Independent


Dbvisit consistently terminates with an error:

201501271000 - Dbvisit Standby process (dbvisit, dbv_orastartstop or dbvisit_setup) still running after 20 tries (pid=4204). MAX_TIMES_TRIED (8) exceeded.
(if Dbvisit Standby process (dbvisit, dbv_orastartstop or dbvisit_setup) is no longer running, then delete lock file /usr/local/dbvisit/standby/pid/dbvisit_forms1_transfer.pid)
Dbvisit Standby terminated.
Return code = 701

Delete the lock file and try re-running the process again to see if it runs successfully.

To investigate why the previous Dbvisit runs for such long time, or possibly hangs, or has been killed abruptly, locate a trace for the blocking (still running) process (pid=4204) and review/upload for support to review.

The trace file will be 4204_dbvisit_forms1_transfer_YYYYMMDDHHMI.trc

Anna MacNaughtan January 28, 2015 17:06

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