Adding Temp Tablespace Datafiles


Problem Description

Add additional TEMPFILE on the PRIMARY RAC node. Review  "Adding Datafiles to Primary Database" section on dbvisit Standby online documentation. 

  1. Will DbVisit Standby detect the new temp file and create the tempfile on Standby if we ship logs from Primary to Standby?
  2. Are there any parameters on dbVisit ENV file relevant to this operation?

A standby database does not need to have either physical temp files or physical redo logs to function. Temp files and redo logs are created on the standby when it is activated or switched over to become primary.

In this case Oracle creates temp files and redo logs in locations determined by a number of factors such as tempfile and redo logs references in the old standby control file and certain Oracle database parameters values.

When a new temp file is added to the primary there is no need to add a reference to a new temp file in the standby control file. Unless it is important that once activated or switched over to primary, the database will have exactly the same number of tempfiles as the old primary. Keep in mind, you can always add more temp files to a new primary manually by running ALTER TABLESPACE ADD TEMPFILE SQL.

If your preference is to have exactly the same number of temp files referenced in the standby control file as your current primary database, then once a new temp file has been added on the primary, you need to recreate a standby control file by running the following command from the primary server:

dbv_functions -Q <DDC> (For Version 7)
dbvctl -f create_standby_ctl -d <DDC> (For Version 8)

Donna Zehl February 14, 2015 08:58

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