Dbvisit Standby on Oracle E-Business Suite

Problem Description
  • Does Dbvisit Standby support Oracle E-Business Suite database?
  • Is there a difference in the implementation procedure of Oracle E-business Suite database and a normal database?

Dbvisit Standby has no Issues when supporting Oracle E-business Suite database. It works on a basic principle of sending and applying the archive logs. The database is treated the same. We create a physical standby database and keep it up to date with archive logs being shipped and applied to the standby database.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered:

  • Application (E-Business Suite) testing when you perform Failover or Graceful switchover. As Application Tiers, configuration needs to be adjusted accordingly. So we recommend proper testing on TEST/DEV/UAT Environment before implementing on Production EBS suite. You can refer to the below Oracle Support Note which can be very useful:

    Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 11i Using Oracle 11g Physical Standby Database:


    (Note 1068913.1)

  • Please do keep in mind we store a repository in the primary database. Therefore, you may need to make sure this is in line with the database/application license.

Ankit Arora April 30, 2015 13:48

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    Mike Donovan

    With version 8 of Dbvisit Standby, which has just been released, we no longer create our repository inside the Oracle databases involved in a DR configuration, but in a SQL Lite repository external to Oracle altogether. So this means we do not create any objects in Oracle itself, and so do not violate any limited usage/ASFU/Embedded license conditions, such as those which are typically enforced with packaged versions of the database (i.e. for EBS).

    Please see the following note on this in the Dbvisit Standby version 8 user guide: