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Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.20 (14 Feb 2016) Released


Note: If upgrading from 2.6.02 or previous version and running RAC, the following

grant should be executed by sysdba:
SQL> grant select on gv_$transaction to dbvrep;

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fix parsing of freelist redo on HPUX (RQ-2042 #8201)
  2. Fix conflict on heartbeat table in single-database replication (RQ-2059)
  3. Fix directory selection for support package file list_files_arcs.txt (RQ-2044)
  4. Speed up rollback on apply (RQ-2007)
  5. PREPARE in console could get incorrect start SCN after locking the table (RQ-2080)
  6. Make ALTER INDEX RENAME DLL work (RQ-2078)
  7. Fix crash in a particular case of rollback (RQ-2099 RQ-2196 #8373 #8330)
  8. Fix crash while parsing CFA redo change (RQ-2103)
  9. Fix missed DDL when it was split into multiple redo records and mixed with other DDL (RQ-2093)
  10. Fix invalid parse of DSC change (possibly crashing mine) (RQ-1796, #8413)
  11. Fix possible missing changes due to incomplete copy of archivelog (RQ-2119 #8244)
  12. Possible notify thread crash (RQ-2159 #8480)
  13. Add DBRSCOMMON_HEARTBEAT to support package (RQ-2164)
  14. Fix very consuming processing of archive logs by fetcher (RQ-1961)
  15. Fix possible crash in one-to-many configuration when sending notification (RQ-2120)
  16. Fix possible crash/hang when parsing array insert on index (RQ-2157)
  17. Fix looping of TRUNCATE command in 2-way replication (RQ-2174)
  18. Fix incorrect replication of LOBs in cascaded replication (RQ-2208)
  19. Fix mine lagging due to waiting for the whole arc to be delivered while fetcher is transfering the online version of the very same redo log (RQ-2195)
  20. Fix possible slowdown of mine (load table info) (RQ-2226 #7933)
  21. Redolog maintenance is run even when first redo log needed remains same (RQ-2231)
  22. LOAD would use too many sessions on source database (RQ-2253)
  23. Handle cases where there are multiple changes to the same LOB with no DML in between (RQ-2244 #8532 #8647)
  24. Add trailing NULLs to DELETEs (RQ-2252 #8647 #8656)
  25. Quote passwords in scripts (RQ-2259 RQ-2224)
  26. Fix mine LWN speed (RQ-2258)
  27. Fix handling of FLOAT on non-Oracle targets (RQ-1992 #8726)
  28. Backport of new LOAD code from 2.8, fixing many issues (RQ-2267 #8723)
  29. Fix possible missed rollback when there is >128 undo segments (RQ-2265 #8684)
  30. Add option to handle ambiguity with trailing NULLs (RQ-2269 #8699)
  31. Mine would not start after node went down in RAC (RQ-1944)
  32. Apply support package cannot be created when DDC file is used without MINE_PASSWORD (RQ-2349)
  33. Fix possible race condition in determining name of a rename table (RQ-2270 #8751)

Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.20 can be downloaded from

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