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Data Discovery Scripts - Replicate


This Article provides scripts which can be used for Discovery of the environment , Every script is very important and provides us with valuable information regarding the environment, with which we can provide a optimal solution.

One key factor in the success of determining whether Dbvisit Replicate is a fit for your use case is an examination of the data discovery information provided in the output of the attached scripts, as well as attached Dbvisit_data_discovery_Feb_2018.tar file & also individual script.


The outputs will be evaluated along with a description of your use case that you provide. The more details on your use case the better. Ie a migration from Oracle 9i to 12.1c for all USER/APPLICATION schemas in the Source database.

Tar file .tar includes all scripts

Details on the Data Discovery Scripts 

a) unsupported_datatypes.sql which includes

  • Database version and installed options (Note TDE will be supported >= 2.9.04)
  • Database schema count & table count
  • Unsupported Data Types
  • XMLTYPE storage details
  • Checks for tables with compression & encryption defined
  • Sequences
  • LOBS including CLOBs, NCLOBs, etc & checks for NOT NULLS constraints we advise alter the constraint as deferred on the target table columns so it will be checked at the end of the transaction after update of LOB instead of beginning. ** The alternative is to disable the NOT NULL constraint on the target table columns. If you do not do either you may have a conflict due to the way we insert LOBS into the target

b) find_delete_cascades.sql - Unsupported ON Delete Cascades Constraints & unsupported 12c identity columns.

c) redo_estimate.sql & RAC redo_estimate_RAC.sql - Redo Volume over a period of 7 days

d) get_tables_nokeys.sql - Tables without Primary or Unique Keys. This may identify tables that need supplemental logging on ALL COLUMNS for logical replication

e) get_trigger_list Trigger Listing

f) Check_TDE.sql - Check if TDE use in database. Determine if Transparent Data Encryption is in use


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