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Data Discovery Scripts - Replicate


This Article provides scripts which can be used for Discovery of the environment , Every script is very important and provides us with valuable information regarding the environment, with which we can provide a optimal solution.

One key factor in the success of determining whether Dbvisit Replicate is a fit for your use case is an examination of the data discovery information provided in the output of the attached scripts, as well as attached Dbvisit_data_discovery_Jan_2017.tar file & also individual script.


The outputs will be evaluated along with a description of your use case that you provide. The more details on your use case the better. Ie a migration from Oracle 9i to 11g for all USER/APPLICATION schemas in the Source database.

Tar file .tar includes all scripts

Details on the Data Discovery Scripts 

a) unsupported_datatypes.sql which includes

  • Database version and installed options
  • Database schema count & table count
  • Unsupported Data Types
  • XMLTYPE storage details
  • Checks for tables with compression & encryption defined
  • Sequences
  • LOBS including CLOBs, NCLOBs, etc

b) find_delete_cascades.sql - Unsupported ON Delete Cascades Constraints

c) redo_estimate.sql & RAC redo_estimate_RAC.sql - Redo Volume over a period of 7 days

d) get_tables_nokeys.sql - Tables without Primary or Unique Keys. This may identify tables that need supplemental logging on ALL COLUMNS for logical replication

e) get_trigger_list Trigger Listing

f) Check_TDE.sql - Check if TDE use in database. Determine if Transparent Data Encryption is in use


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