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Dbvisit Replicate 2.8.00 (02 Jun 2016) Released


Note: If upgrading from 2.6.02 or previous version and running RAC, the following

grant should be executed by sysdba:
SQL> grant select on gv_$transaction to dbvrep;

The following items were fixed and/or added:

2.8.00 (02 June 2016)

  1. Change severity of some errors and warnings (RQ-792, RQ-789, RQ-788)
  2. MINE_TRUNCATE_WITHOUT_DDL is now a public variable (RQ-982)
  3. Improve error message for incorrect user-specified SQL in filtering, PL/SQL and newer/older handlers (RQ-1058)
  4. NOTIFY SEND TEST command (RQ-1072)
  5. Rename CDC/Audit to just audit in setup wizard (RQ-914)
  6. Alternate archive destination (MINE_ARCH_DEST, MINE_ARCH_DEST_FORMAT) (RQ-929, RQ-1189)
  7. 12c invisible column support (RQ-848)
  8. Improve check/reject of invalid SET values (RQ-1031)
  9. Improve formatting of status line (SCN 0, year 1980) (RQ-777)
  10. Response file support in setup wizard (RQ-907)
  11. Support named time zones in TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE (RQ-925)
  12. 12c extended datatype support (RQ-511)
  13. Empty filter condition could crash apply (RQ-1143)
  14. Added sequence grants for DDL replication to support 12c generated by identity columns (RQ-737)
  15. Show full SQL text in SQL conflict, do not truncate (RQ-1159)
  16. Plog statistics in plog conflict count was not set (RQ-1215)
  17. FILTER SHOW command (RQ-1268)
  18. Postpone last LCR will now default to YES (RQ-1283, RQ-1608)
  19. Fix CDC commit timestamp on non-Oracle targets (RQ-1253)
  20. Auto-resolve locks on target by looking ahead for rollbacks on source (RQ-1307)
  21. Minor grammar improvements in user messages (RQ-1536, RQ-1293)
  22. Better support non-ASCII table and column names (RQ-1227)
  23. Support for 9i cross-endian (RQ-1081)
  24. Added option to skip DML changes done by a username (RQ-744)
  25. Fix LOAD stats for one-to-many (RQ-354)
  26. Hide passwords in scripts in support package (RQ-1073)
  27. Fix the full path to temp dir used by wintee (RQ-1201)
  28. Help for NOTIFY command fixed (RQ-1646)
  29. Improved LOAD performance (RQ-630, RQ-1438)
  30. EXCLUDE COLUMN command is now online by default (RQ-1210)
  31. Allow LOAD_REQUEST to be added when mine is running (RQ-1439)
  32. PREPARE_AND_LOAD command (RQ-494)
  33. Allow CDC to be configured at schema-level (RQ-1669)
  34. Fix CSV output was not properly configured if schema level was selected (RQ-1559)
  35. APPLY_LOOP_PREVENTION and MINE_LOOP_PREVENTION are now public variables (RQ-1565)
  36. SHUTDOWN now asks for confirmation and supplies additional info; IMMEDIATE keyword added (RQ-1413, RQ-1509, RQ-1686)
  37. Properly mark updated PKs and deleted PKs as keys, not as old values (RQ-1707)
  38. Add option to delete staging directories on first start of mine/apply (RQ-1726)
  39. Add option to auto-prepare table that is dropped and then recreated (RQ-1824)
  40. Fixed data pump job naming on import when using dp_exp method for APPLY.sh (RQ-1831)
  41. Add option to supplementally log all columns (RQ-1706)
  42. Add select * from v$thread, v$log, v$logfile to the MINE support package (RQ-1761)
  43. Recursive DML in DDL (RQ-1435)
  44. Add option to add limit on MINE to pause if too much disk space is occupied (RQ-1730)
  45. Replace primary key on DBRSCOL$ by plain index (RQ-1983)
  46. Prevent apply loop on DML: set DML_IGNORE_USER (RQ-744)
  47. Engine send show did not show expected output (RQ-1386)
  48. Strings were not 'quoted' in list conflict (RQ-1999)
  49. Add character set and NLS settings to the support package (RQ-1368)
  50. Hide passwords in all/batch scripts in support package (RQ-1073)
  51. Fetcher profiler (RQ-1764)
  52. Handle inconsistency in setup wizard (RQ-2055)
  53. Mine would not start after node went down in RAC (RQ-1944)
  54. Dbvrep returns error code when the command was invalid (RQ-2081)
  55. Add option --no-tty to completely give up tty (RQ-2084)
  56. Fix privileges of files created by Replicate, esp. plogs (RQ-2092)
  57. Print error messages to STDERR (RQ-2090)
  58. Added new process type KAHITI for proper handling of OEM replications (RQ-2077)
  59. A new instantiation type scn_list for OEM replication (RQ-2128)
  60. Fixed typos in "PROCESS is running/PAUSED" messages (RQ-2204)
  61. Ask for MySQL admin password in all script when password saving was disabled in Setup Wizard (RQ-2217)
  62. Create Dbvisit Replicate repository in MySQL with password (RQ-2218)
  63. Ensure that all script has nonzero exit status on failure (RQ-2209)
  64. Command "set VARIABLE =" now reports error instead of setting VARIABLE to "=" (RQ-2214)
  65. Add public parameter APPLY_USE_PK_ONLY used in apply for using primary key columns only in where clause (RQ-2141)
  66. Setup Wizard would not run all.sh script when asked to do so (RQ-757)
  67. Check DBID before adding database-level supplemental logging (RQ-1879)
  68. On 9i FETCHER not picking any changes up until after the switch (RQ-2392)
  69. Improve handling of corrupted internal dictionary (RQ-2611 #9283)
  70. Handle undo segments with CLS < 15 (RQ-2560 #9141)
  71. Fix case with multiple replications going to the same mysql database (RQ-2321 #8743)
  72. Improve quoting of passwords in all.sh (RQ-2259)
  73. Handle case where Oracle reports LOB length in bytes instead of chars (RQ-2468)
  74. Fix missing columns in LOB operation (RQ-2371 RQ-2408 #8972)
  75. Prevent warnings about uninitialised $Avisit::Dbreplicate::MineEngine::rlog_plog_map (RQ-2428 RQ-2453 #8939 #8976)
  76. Handle special cases of incomplete assembly (RQ-2383 #8851)
  77. Fix incorrect handling of rollback to savepoint on target on plog boundary on RAC (RQ-2500 #9023)
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