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Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.22 (20 September 2016) Released


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.22.  This is a scheduled maintenance release.  The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:

  1. Fix case with multiple replications going to the same mysql database (RQ-2321 #8743)
  2. Improve quoting of passwords in all.sh (RQ-2259)
  3. Fix uninitialized value "$dbi" in Setup Wizard (RQ-2308)
  4. Handle case where Oracle reports LOB length in bytes instead of chars (RQ-2468)
  5. Fix missing columns in LOB operation (RQ-2371 RQ-2408 #8972)
  6. Prevent warnings about uninitialised $Avisit::Dbreplicate::MineEngine::rlog_plog_map (RQ-2428 RQ-2453 #8939 #8976)
  7. Regexp value stored incompletely if SQL handler's regexp contains OR expression (RQ-2485 #9074)
  8. Handle special cases of incomplete assembly (RQ-2383 #8851)
  9. Fix incorrect handling of rollback to savepoint on target on plog boundary on RAC (RQ-2500 #9023)
  10. Improve mine speed for large inserts on non-replicated tables (RQ-2436 #8981)
  11. Improve handling of corrupted internal dictionary (RQ-2611 #9283)
  12. Handle undo segments with CLS < 15 (RQ-2560 #9141)
  13. Fix handling of lost writes, force reopen (RQ-2305 #8762)
  14. Use much fewer DMLs to set conflict handlers (RQ-2238)
  15. Handle enabled row movement (RQ-2391 #8942 RQ-2734 #9568)
  16. Abort reading plog when plog entry header has wrong size (RQ-2573 #9155)
  17. Fix possible apply crash when handling an invalid SQL (RQ-2657 #9353)
  18. Include replicate DDC and process name in all SNMP messages (RQ-2507 #9065)
  19. Fix deletion of obsolete plogs (RQ-2559 #9091)
  20. Fix mine crash due to invalid parse of operation 6.1 (RQ-2751)
  21. Detect killed transactions (RQ-2629 #9237)
  22. Fix mine memory leaks in direct insert with LOB columns (RQ-2780 #9604)
  23. Fix "undef" value for next SCN when RAC thread is down (RQ-2438)
  24. Fix undefined db handle that causes "Can't call method commit" (RQ-2753 #9568)
  25. Graceful handling of unexpected operation in 24.* operations (RQ-2784 #9616)

You can download it here

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