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FATAL-1: Could not connect as SYS to database (unknown ASM instance)


Read our docs This article provides solution for issues arising due to In-correct ORACLE_HOME setting which causes fetcher to crash

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Fetcher crashes for ASM instance when starting

Applicable Error Code

FATAL-1: Could not connect as SYS to database (unknown ASM instance)

Affected Versions

Noticed in version 2.8

Affected Platforms

Platform independent , but seen when using ASM .


Source Server: RAC node1 Linux (running Dbvisit FETCHER process) with Oracle Db. 

Target Server: 64 bit Windows with MS SQL (running both Dbvisit MINE and APPLY processes).  

ERROR when starting the fetcher process:

oracle@dbvrlin21[/home/oracle/rq2853]: ./fetcher_start.sh

DDC loaded from database (460 variables).
Dbvisit Replicate version 2.8.02_unreleased_342_gbb1f723
Copyright (C) Dbvisit Software Limited. All rights reserved.
DDC file /home/oracle/rq2853/rq2853-FETCHER.ddc loaded.
Starting process FETCHER...started
oracle@dbvrlin21[/home/oracle/rq2853]: FATAL-1: Could not connect as SYS to database (unknown ASM instance), error is
Trying to create support package now.
Packaging into ZIP file: /home/oracle/rq2853/log/dbvisit_support_dbvrep_rq2853_FETCHERIhic.zip for process FETCHER, addinfo []
Trying retrieving +DATA/prod/onlinelog/group_2.262.849913041 from ASM using asmcmd. If this fails, restart with NOASMDIRECT added to the SUPPORT command. This requires Oracle 11g or newer.
Could not find asmcmd executable. Try setting ORACLE_HOME to the ASM/grid home.
Trying retrieving +DATA/prod/onlinelog/group_2.262.849913041 from ASM. If this fails, restart with NOASM added to the SUPPORT command.

Let's check on the value of the VARIABLE_NAME of ORACLE_HOME where process name is FETCHER.

select * from "DBVREP"."DBRSCOMMON_DDC_SPFILE" where process_name='FETCHER'

We have noticed that this value is incorrect and most likely taken from the incorrect input of value in the SETUP WIZARD. We need to point the ORACLE_HOME for process FETCHER to the +ASM1 installation. 


Please make sure you understand the consequences of updating the Dbvisit Repository. Backup the table before making any changes . If you have any questions please contact Dbvisit Support first. 

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