Problem with calculating checksum for /standby/conf/dbv_<DDC>.env on <hostname>: NIOP: read_response: failed


Read our docs Problem with calculating checksum for /standby/conf/dbv_<DDC>.env on <hostname>

Problem Details

Problem Statement

Problem with calculating checksum for /standby/conf/dbv_<DDC>.env on <hostname>

Applicable Error Code

NIOP: read_response: failed

Affected Versions

Version 7

Affected Platforms

Have been noticed in Unix Platforms.



There are few things, that can be done to resolve this issue:

  • Resync standby configuration file:
dbvisit -c <DDC>

Steps Performed

In short, you can do following steps:

/usr/dbvisit/dbvnet/dbvnetd stop
/usr/dbvisit/dbvserver/dbvserverd stop
rm -Rf /tmp/p2xtmp-* /tmp/dbvtmp-* /tmp/par-* /tmp/pdk-*
/usr/dbvisit/dbvnet/dbvnetd start
/usr/dbvisit/dbvserver/dbvserverd start
  • If this won't work, please reset the dbvnet password on both sides - primary and standby, so that they are the same;
generate new password:
oracle@dbvrlin303[/usr/dbvisit/dbvnet]: ./dbvnetd -encryptpw admin1

Update the dbvnet configuration file dbvnet.conf located in DBVISIT_BASE/dbvnet/conf
Update the "password" parameter to match the new password -eg.:

password = ENCRYPT53616c7465645f5f624381a94bb55307e9d7c6b253261044

Add the same password value in both the primary and standby server dbvnet.conf file and then restart Dbvnet.

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