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Dbvisit Replicate 2.8.02 released


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version Dbvisit Replicate 2.8.02. This is a scheduled maintenance release.


The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:

  1. Regexp value stored incompletely if SQL handler's regexp contains OR expression (RQ-2485 #9074)
  2. Use much fewer DMLs to set coflict handlers (RQ-2238)
  3. Handle enabled row movement (RQ-2391 #8942)
  4. CDCAUDIT on schema now makes new tables inherit the settings (RQ-2489)
  5. Abort reading plog when plog entry header has wrong size (RQ-2573 #9155)
  6. Fix length of LONG datatype (RQ-2636)
  7. Mine pessimistic commit (RQ-2306)
  8. Rename CDC Audit to Event Streaming (RQ-914)
  9. Fix deletion of obsolete plogs (RQ-2559 #9091)
  10. Fix dbvrep --no-termcap crashes on Windows and Unix (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris) (RQ-2562)
  11. Properly enable trigger fire once if user has GoldenGate license (RQ-971)
  12. Fix runtime 'uninitialised value' perl warnings for $err and $errstr (RQ-2708)
  13. Restrict conflict handlers for COMMIT and DDL operations (RQ-2701)
  14. Setup wizard was losing HDFS namenode configuration enetered by user (RQ-2764 #9607)
  15. Prevent resets of CSV separators in setup wizard (RQ-2786)
  16. Fix possible invalid trim length for LOB operations (RQ-2758 #9555)
  17. Fix mine performance when global temporary tables are in place (RQ-2685 #9457)
  18. Fix mine memory leaks in direct insert with LOB columns (RQ-2780 #9604)
  19. Fix "undef" value for next SCN when RAC thread is down (RQ-2438)
  20. Fix undefined db handle that causes "Can't call method commit" (RQ-2753 #9568)
  21. Fix column numbers if supplemental logging is not enabled (RQ-2820)
  22. Fix incorrect handling of columns changed from suplog to old values (RQ-2624 RQ-2736 #9581)
  23. Fix memory leak due to DML on internal tables in DDL operations (RQ-2796 #9666)
  24. Disable retiring obsolete transactions by default (RQ-2804)
  25. Fix trailing NULLs for unique keys and APPLY_USE_PK_ONLY (RQ-2864)
  26. Correct SQL statement in conflict log when internal variable APPLY_USE_PK_ONLY is used (RQ-2863)
  27. Fix mine crash when multiple CTASes happen concurrently (RQ-2899)
  28. Allow IGNORE/IGNOREALL as conflict resolution for DDL(not commit) (RQ-2899)
  29. Fix handling of non-Unicode multi-byte character sets in CLOB (RQ-2920)
  30. Fix crash in LOAD when a leading column was excluded (RQ-2925)
  31. Fix memory leak with trailing NULLs and pessimistic commit (RQ-2935 #10040)
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