GUI stuck /spinning during SSD option


Read our docs This article explains how to resolve the GUI becoming stuck/spin when running the Synchronise Standby Database option.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

GUI become stuck /spinning during Synchronising Standby Database option, on
(7) Applying incremental backup to the standby database.

However SSD via the Command Line Interface works fine

Applicable Error Code


Affected Versions

Standby v7

Affected Platforms




The GUI becomes stuck/spinning during the Synchronising Standby Database option,  
(menu 7) Applying incremental backup to the standby database.

Steps Performed
  1. Remove all files from these temp directories: /usr/dbvisit/dbvserver/tmp and /usr/dbvisit/standby/tmp                     
  2. Restart the SSD with the GUI.

 It appears that when there was an interruption of the SYNCH STANDBY DB process,
 some tmp files were created and the GUI picked it up.

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