GUI is not showing the task from the Active Task List


Read our docs This issue was encountered when running CSD but may be applicable to other actions as well - i.e. transfer logs to standby server, etc. The GUI does not show the task from the Active Task List, and instead gives below error message.

Problem Details

Problem Statement

The GUI is not receiving any progress updates from the Host

Applicable Error Code


Affected Versions

v8 - encountered in 8.0.14

Affected Platforms




IMPORTANT: Prior to performing below workaround, make sure that there are no connection issues between Dbvisit components - agent hosts (primary and standby) and dbvserver host. Please perform some tests as described here:

Step1: On primary, do the following:

$ cd $DBVISIT_BASE/dbvagent
$ ./dbvagent -d stop
$ ./dbvagent -x
$ ./dbvagent -d start

Step2: Retry CSD. If your standby is already created, then just send one archive log from primary - this should also generate task.

Step3: If you still cannot see the task on the GUI, then you will have to reset also the dbvserver repository.
This unfortunately means, that you will have to create again the hosts and import your existing DDC configuration. It is a bit of extra work, but nothing complicated.

To do this logon to your dbvserver machine and run:

$ ./dbvserver -d stop
$ ./dbvserver -p 0
$ ./dbvserver -x
$ ./dbvserver -x admin
$ ./dbvserver -d start


You should then be able to see the tasks. Please note as above issue was encountered specifically in release 8.0.14, it is highly recommended to run the latest release of Dbvisit Standby.

Please refer to this link for the latest changes:

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