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Release Notes - Replicate


This section will provide you with an overview of the new release updates of Dbvisit Replicate 2.9. The items listed below are releases with dates and items that are new features or bug fixes.

2.9.06 (15 June 2018)

  1. NRC-12 Fix an issue when APPLY refuses to receive ancillary plogs. Fix race conditions on first APPLY startup
  2. NRC-47 Fix an issue with TRUNCATE partition command on Oracle 10g
  3. NRC-53 Fix various issues with columns split among multiple blocks, especially LONGs
  4. NRC-53 Fix issues with non-null metadata-only default values
  5. RQ-1186 Use European-style date for redo/plog based date (#11750)
  6. RQ-2592 Add grants on CLUSTERs, as we do replicate DDL for them in DDL replication
  7. RQ-3254 Fix a crashing of APPLY on "commit/rollback" transaction. Include plog sequence with LCR_id in a plog. Do not reference a plog file when not necessary
  8. RQ-3330 Improve a support packages. Add the entire logfile instead of the last 20MB and include already rotated log files
  9. RQ-3420 Do not allow PostgreSQL target to be used together with CSV target (due to issues with PostgreSQL reserved keywords)
  10. RQ-3507 IOT delete and re-insert now are correctly treated as delete and re-insert, not as update (#10796)
  11. RQ-3573 Fix various minor issues with TDE on databases that don't support it
  12. RQ-3583 Improve performance of MINE for large uncommitted transactions (#11356)
  13. RQ-3621 Fix an issue with a table or schema in setup wizard occasionally inheriting settings from a previous table (e.g. CDC) even if not asked to do so
  14. RQ-3623 Fix an issue when query mode multi does not recognise 12.2 redo logs (#11986)
  15. RQ-3705 Do not allow _ENABLE_5_19_PARSE=NO with apply loop prevention, as these options are incompatible
  16. RQ-3716 Add support for the JSON column type for Oracle databases
  17. RQ-3726 Do not allow OVERWRITE conflict handler for LOBs (#11735)
  18. RQ-3727 Fix LONG (RAW) row piece assembling (#11733)
  19. RQ-3729 Do not offer DDL replication for CSVs in setup wizard
  20. RQ-3735 Fix an issue when conflicts were not counted to applied rows, leading to counter inconsistency in the console (#11752)
  21. RQ-3739 Fix an issue when NEWER/OLDER/PLSQL conflict handlers occasionally causes APPLY to malform data (#11750)
  22. RQ-3740 Fix an occasional crash of MINE on "FATAL-6999: Mandatory parameter check: redo_handle->file" (#11698)
  23. RQ-3741 Separate "known issues" from "changes" with a new line in README
  24. RQ-3743 Improve performance and lower memory usage of MINE when processing KDO/KTB operations (#11763)
  25. RQ-3744 Fix incorrect use of DISCARD conflict handler, instead of conflict handler specified by end user (#11767)
  26. RQ-3746 Fix an issue when NEWER/OLDER/PLSQL conflict handlers occasionally causes APPLY to malform data on delete (#11778)
  27. RQ-3750 Fix a crash after NEWER+IGNORE handler on LOB. Properly distinguish keys/new for inserts. Improve the error message when the NEWER/OLDER handler fails due to user error (#11735)
  28. RQ-3751 Improve performance of MINE on restart (#11766)
  29. RQ-3753 Various 9i bug fixes
  30. RQ-3755 Fix issues when both LONG and LOB column are present in the same table
  31. RQ-3758 Fix issues with PostgreSQL load (do commit after DDL and correctly handle the fact that PostgreSQL returns column names in lowercase) (#11837)
  32. RQ-3760 Remove the information about CPU count restriction from log files (the licence does not have this restriction anymore) (#11856)
  33. RQ-3761 Fix issue with pasting of skipped columns causing "Internal error: Mandatory parameter check: pth: Invalid argument" (#11767)
  34. RQ-3765 Fix a MINE crash when processing some specific cases of multi block undo
  35. RQ-3767 Fix a crash when creating a mine support package after upgrade from 2.7 to 2.9 (#11833)
  36. RQ-3769 Make APPLY log more readable by reducing the frequency of "Waiting for plog" messages
  37. RQ-3770 Generate correct config/*dbsetup*sql during the setup wizard for PostgreSQL when LOAD_KEEP/LOAD_CREATE are used
  38. RQ-3772 Fix various MINE connectivity issues (#11833)
  39. RQ-3773 Introduce user variable MINE_REWRITE_TRUNCATE to govern whether truncate should be rewritten
  40. RQ-3774 Fix interaction of DDL_IGNORE_USER with rewrite TRUNCATE
  41. RQ-3775 Fix downgrade to <=2.9.00 (revert values of configuration variables to values valid in previous versions)
  42. RQ-3776 Qualify DBRS tables with schema on MSSQL server
  43. RQ-3780 Fix various problems causing MINE to ignore prepared partitioned IOT tables
  44. RQ-3782 Fix handling of constraints on partitioned tables (look for the parent container if this is a partition, because constraints are defined at table level) (#12005)
  45. RQ-3783 Fix failing PREPARE/UNPREPARE on MSSQL Server
  46. RQ-3789 Fix assembling of row piece (ORA-00957: duplicate column name) (#11997)v
  47. RQ-3791 Fix an issue with unexpected conflicts on tables with multiple LOBs due to use of incorrect select to get the LOB locator (#12009)
  48. RQ-3793 Improve MINE log on HP-UX (superfluous information at redo record end caused many Unknown OPCODE messages) (#11879)
  49. RQ-3794 Improve performance of FETCHER on startup by reducing the frequency of v$log queries (#11977)
  50. RQ-3795 Fix possible incorrect assembly when multiple changes are made to the same chained row, one closely following the other (#12147)
  51. RQ-3796 Allocate more memory for debug messages and disable some debug messages by default. Always work with 4-byte chunks in signatures. Ignore empty entries. Don't flip signatures when writing because if it's an odd number of columns the last one will be lost (#12010)
  52. RQ-3797 Fix possible conflicts on LOBs when MINE is on big Endian (#12178)
  53. RQ-3798 Fix clean-up of session audit history: delete all past records, not just the most recent one
  54. RQ-3800 Fix a possible segment violation on (LONG) RAW data due to 'hh' not being a valid modifier on Windows (#12248)
  55. RQ-3801 Fix the crash due to replication of long PL/SQL (#12203)
  56. RQ-3802 Add --hide-data parameter to publisher. Add redo_hide and multi_hide parameters to query mode (#12236)
  57. RQ-3804 Remove DISCARD warnings if they are due to unused LKR (#12203)
  58. RQ-3814 Fix a mix-and-match datatype checks (add DATETIME2) for MSSQL. Properly check for MSSQL-style double-schema name (for columns). Use an explicit owner in MSSQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries
  59. RQ-3813 Reintroduce a fix from RQ-844
  60. RQ-3820 Fix a bug, when Apply automatically switched to a maximum debug mode and spammed the log on HP-UX
  61. RQ-3821 Rowcount is not a license option anymore, so just get rid of the code (that is apparently not NLS-aware on MSSQL) (#12508)
  62. RQ-3829 Reduce memory footprint of MINE when processing a long transaction with a lot of rowpieces (#12581)
  63. RQ-3832 Dump profiler and memory after mine querymode. Speedup of processing 19.1 changes (#12649)
  64. RQ-3834 Speed up Mine, by skipping some unnecessary log attempts in parsing headers (#12649)

2.9.04 (11 October 2017)

  1. RQ-3139: APPLY.sql for target MySQL database may have duplicated entries
  2. RQ-3723: IMPORTANT: File-based targets should have a limited list of instantiation options
  3. RQ-3725: Change realloc from different thread into warning only (RQ-703)(11730)
  4. RQ-3636: Fix error on Windows while processing redologs greater than 2G

2.9.02 (29 September 2017)

1. RQ-97: Improve detection of invalid PLOG files delivered to target
2. RQ-710: Improve questions asked by setup wizard for MS SQL target
3. RQ-973: Improve questions asked by setup wizard about notifications
4. RQ-1702: Improve INCLUDE COLUMN command documentation and error messages
5. RQ-1753: Remove extra printed characters when preparing a table which is already prepared
6. RQ-2101: Support Transparent Data Encryption
7. RQ-2373: Fix file permissions for APPLY.sql
8. RQ-2564: Add missing console feedback for some commands
9. RQ-2720: Use non-intrusive profiler on apply
10. RQ-2770: Fix: multiple LOB updates in the same LOB block could have been incorrectly joined together
11. RQ-2982: Windows: case-insensivity of the filesystem might have caused files created by setup wizard to be overwritten by each other
12. RQ-3231: Support Oracle 12.2 as a source (#10955)
13. RQ-3273: Try _enable_row_shipping just once (#10730) 
14. RQ-3310: Minor fixes for XML handling (#10809)
15. RQ-3320: Improve DDL command documentation and error messages 
16. RQ-3325: When PREPARE actually adds supplemental logging, it cannot use a single-scn, as such SCN would cause flashback query to fail (#10691)
17. RQ-3332: Change default number of retries for a conflict to 3
18. RQ-3360: Enable ALL suplog in the setup wizard when using Kafka Connect
19. RQ-3402: Fix IOT incorrect parsing due to incomplete index operations
20. RQ-3407: Fix crash with direct I/O
21. RQ-3441: Fix IOT insert-after-delete of the same key handling
22. RQ-3476: Handle dropping of metadata-only default column value (#11228)
23. RQ-3500: Fix UNPREPARE and LIST PROGRESS for cases without apply, e.g. Kafka Connect
24. RQ-3555: Fix: Change with all columns excluded could cause mine to crash (#11346)
25. RQ-3558: Fix possible missed row changes due to LOBs and optimized handling of changed rows only 
26. RQ-3560: Improve fetcher to mine communication, timeouts and gap resolution (#11346)
27. RQ-3563: Improve speed of apply when many transactions are active concurrently (#11375)
28. RQ-3573: Don't replicate internal tables when using Kafka Connect 
29. RQ-3579: Don't update primary key of internal tables when not needed at all, some target databases don't allow primary key updates
30. RQ-3595: Fix possible missing columns after alter table drop column (#11462)
31. RQ-3601: Fix incorrect endian of version number in plog file (#11440)
32. RQ-3602: Update names of distributed rpm archives.

2.9.00(July 2017)

  1. RQ-248: Add support for XML datatype
  2. RQ-465: Improved dictionary load during MINE startup
  3. RQ-506: Support temporal validity (12c)
  4. RQ-593: New supported target - PostgreSQL (Community Edition)
  5. RQ-609: Internal improvements - fetcher failing to send archive logs due to network related issue following art
  6. RQ-755: Add additional information regarding TNS_AMDIN to Nextsteps.txt
  7. RQ-951: For both RESOLVE and DISCARD HANDLER commands handle IGNORE and DISCARD as same (synonyms)
  8. RQ-1089: Add support for ROWID datatype
  9. RQ-1427: Allow user to change the default for conflict handlers
  10. RQ-1852: Add option to enable sql trace (10046)
  11. RQ-1965: Improve ASM read speed
  12. RQ-2073: RESOLVE CONFLICT LAST implemented
  13. RQ-2096: Internal improvement on log messages with regards to ASM auto detection
  14. RQ-2215: Fix notification from MINE when FETCHER is down
  15. RQ-2239: New supported target - Kafka Connect connector
  16. RQ-2274: Improved TIMESTAMP mapping from Oracle to MySQL
  17. RQ-2370: Add full supplemental logging for Replicate internal tables
  18. RQ-2385: Improved process when Fetcher hits high redo generation (#9161)
  19. RQ-2398: Allow storing metadata dictionary for source database in another Oracle database
  20. RQ-2471: all.sh script doesn't set ON_ERROR and ON_WARNING to SKIP in the DDC database
  21. RQ-2623: Internal improved handling of FATAL-9087
  22. RQ-2678: dba_constraints and dba_triggers permissions missing in all.sh for AWS RDS
  23. RQ-2702: Create support package in temporary "in-progress" file and rename it when finished
  24. RQ-2704: Improved SNMP notification descriptions to traps (#9065)
  25. RQ-2782: Add additional information about running processes to support package (#9616)
  26. RQ-2791: New supported target - Tibero
  27. RQ-2817: Better handling of ALTER TABLE TRUNCATE
  28. RQ-2858: Improved handling of PLSQL replication and resolving SIGSEGV on apply (#9789)
  29. RQ-2880: Resolve FATAL-4101: Segment violation (SIGSEGV) received (#9789)
  30. RQ-2889: Resolve FATAL0: (free_c) Error no out of bounds for memory accounting (#9836, #9899)
  31. RQ-2901: Command UNSET_CONFLICT_HANDLERS to set the conflict handlers to default values
  32. RQ-2910: Various internal changes regarding Fetcher performance (#9995)
  33. RQ-2940: Resolve incorrect mine of "alter table add column" with default or multiple columns (#10051)
  34. RQ-2987: Resolve issue where ORA-00957: duplicate column name reported (#10051, #10070)
  35. RQ-3067: Fix handling of RAW datatype in conflict handlers
  36. RQ-3142: Improve thread locking causing error FATAL-5203
  37. RQ-3148: Handle cases when support package tries to connect to apply database and can't do so
  38. RQ-3158: Fix resetting of the number of failed checks in fetcher sequence notification
  39. RQ-3164: Error email notification from Mine process did not respect NOTIFY SET ERRE settings
  40. RQ-3166: Add support for BINARY_DOUBLE and BINARY_FLOAT datatypes
  41. RQ-3187: Allow "()" around select clause in CTAS (#10465, #10473)
  42. RQ-3198: Resolve Mine crash on FATAL-6301 (#10538)
  43. RQ-3254: Fix crashing apply commit/rollback transaction
  44. RQ-3269: Resolve issue with logs not rotating on Windows based systems (#10631)
  45. RQ-3273: Fix MINE: FATAL-5259: Memory limit exhausted
  46. RQ-3282: Improve sending of data between Fetcher and Mine
  47. RQ-3286: Improve handling of FATAL-2811 (#10682)
  48. RQ-3288: Improve handling of FATAL-4101: Segment violation (#10799)
  49. RQ-3289: Support non-upper case variations of Replicate Editions in setup wizard (#10799)
  50. RQ-3305: Improved sending notifications when ARCHONLY is used (#10793)
  51. RQ-3323: Fix "Out of memory" error during support package creation. Introduced new parameter PORT_PACKAGE_MAX_ZIP_MEMBER_SIZE
  52. RQ-3333: Improve Fetcher log file rotation (#10793, #10631)
  53. RQ-3349: Resolve issue where once you specify any option for the support package in the console it is mbered for duration of session
  54. RQ-3395: Improve performance of "truncate" statement
  55. RQ-3432: Improved handling of Azure SQL Server - introduce _APPLY_MSSQL_IS_AZURE_VARIANT
  56. RQ-3469: Fix Incorrectly handled DATE column and other duplicities when updating table with LOB

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