What are the use cases for Snapshot(Test/Dev) vs Snapshot Groups(Reporting Replicas)?

  • Using the individual snapshot options is going to be something most will use.  You can create and remove snapshots as you require and this can be done via the GUI (recommended) but also via the CLI (advanced users) – which can then easily be scheduled with example a Cron schedule.  Individual snapshots can be opened read/write and read-only, this gives customers the flexibility to use these snapshots in a variety of use-cases – like using the snapshots for Development or Test environments which can easily be recreated on regular basis.
  • The Snapshot Group option is useful for customers that want to extract data from their environment – but also allow for the snapshots to be recreated in a rotating fashion.  Multiple snapshots can be used in a rotating fashion which means when a user connects to the group (using listener service), they always connect to the latest snapshot.  Sessions are not moved between snapshots, if the snapshot they are connected to is removed, their session will have to reconnect – using TAF is recommended.  Scheduling these snapshot group interval cannot be less than 5min. 
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