Dbvisit Standby Version v10.0 - New Features


1. Introduction

This section will provide you with an overview of the new features in Dbvisit Standby version 10.

2.  New Features

2.1 Oracle MultiTenant Support

  • Synchronize up to 3 Pluggable Databases as part of your Database Disaster Recovery Configuration.
  • Automate your database architecture for disaster recovery while ensuring you are compliant with Oracle best practice.
  • Adding, updating and deleting Pluggable Databases (PDBs) to/on your Container Database (CDB) is seamlessly propagated to your standby database.

2.2 Reporting Replicas & Test/Dev Snapshots

  • An upgrade and replacement of the optional Dbvisit Snapshots functionality in version 9, Reporting Replicas and Test/Dev Snapshots offer improved ways to leverage your existing standby infrastructure.
  • Reporting Replicas enable offloading performance intensive tasks from your primary database onto your standby database, while ensuring that you always have fresh data to work with.
  • Test/Dev Snapshots allow for very quick creation of fully-featured yet disposable test/dev environments, typically within seconds.

2.3 New Network Management Utility (Dbvnet Upgrade)

  • Better handling of unstable networks, automatic resolution of remote execution errors.
  • All-new logging system to ensure accurate and timely detection of potential network problems.
  • Improve the reliability and resilience of your DR solution by getting the most out of your network.
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