Release Notes


1.  Introduction

This section will provide you with an overview of the new release updates of Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform v11 (StandbyMP).
StandbyMP v11 is a major update with an new multi platform architecture, all-new user interface, and support for Microsoft SQL Server.
Due to the volume of improvements and changes a changelog has not been provided.

Key new features include:

  • Multi platform architecture enables Oracle and SQL Server Disaster Recovery from one common control center.

  • Highly intuitive GUI, where all DR configurations can be viewed and managed from a single page.

  • Intelligent activate for Oracle allows failover to a specific “safe” activation points when using a log application delay.

  • Multi-database actions, even across platforms.

  • Real-time, distributed, event-driven communication.

  • Greater scalability with the ability to manage hundreds of database hosts and DR configurations.

  • Support for Oracle SE2HA (Standard Edition2 High Availability) from StandbyMP v11.1.0

  • Multiple standby databases for SQL Server are supported from StandbyMP v11.1.0

2.  Supported Databases and Operating Systems

Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform caters for the following operating systems:

  • Linux

    • Oracle Linux 6, 7 and 8 (64 bit)

    • Red Hat 6, 7 and 8 (64 Bit)

  • Windows (See known issues below)

    • Windows Server 2012 and above (64bit)

Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform supports the following Oracle Database versions:

  • Oracle Database 10gR2 ( recommended) - If using ASM 11gR2 version required for Graceful Switchover 

  • Oracle Database 11gR2

  • Oracle Database 12cR1 and R2

  • Oracle Database 18c

  • Oracle Database 19c

  • Oracle Database 21c

  • Oracle Multi-tenant for Oracle SE2 is supported

    • New pluggable databases can be added to an existing primary database, which will be propagated to the standby database when you send and apply archivelogs.

    • Max of 3 pluggable databases is allowed in the primary databases. If you are adding more than 3 pluggable databases, please contact Dbvisit support.

Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform supports the following Microsoft SQL Server Database versions:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Onwards

  • All versions of Microsoft SQL Server on Linux Platforms.

3.  Known Issues

  • Graceful Switchover with SQL Server InMemory tables is not supported.

  • Dbvisit Standby currently only supports ipv4, not ipv6.

  • Dbvisit Standby includes Oracle 12.2 Instant Client libraries by default. If your system has a different version of Oracle installed, it is possible under some rare circumstances for a library version conflict to occur. If you experience any errors similar to "PRKN-1008: Unable to load the shared library orasrvmhas12.dll", you can usually resolve them easily by renaming this library in the dbvisit/standby folder to "orasrvmhas12.dll.12.2" or by using replacing the Instant Client libraries in $DBVISIT_BASE/standbymp/oracle or $DBVISIT_BASEdbvisit/standbymp/oracle/lib (depending on your operating system).

11.4.1 (01 Sep 2023)

v11.4.1 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a potential file access conflict issue on Windows systems with Multiple configurations.

  • Fixed Security vulnerability prone to SWEET32 attack(CVE-2016-2183)

  • Fixed Security vulnerability for session cookie not using HttpOnly. Now, the session cookie uses HttpOnly.

11.4.0 (07 Jun 2023)

New features:

  • New CLI feature: Controlling Automated Standby Update from the dbvagentmanager CLI. A new "dbvagentmanager auto-update" CLI utility is now available, allowing control over log shipping schedules without using the GUI. This is similar to the "daemon start/stop" commands from v10, only more powerful. Allows turning log shipping on/off, as well as adjusting settings and getting log shipping status. Works even if the Control Center is offline.

  • New CLI feature: StandbyMP repository repair to resolve issues with repository corruption due to disk problems without having to re-install the product. A new "reset-repo" CLI utility is now available, allowing Dbvisit sqlite repositories to be repaired in case of corruption.

  • New CLI feature: resetting the administrator password for the GUI is now possible as long as the user has access to the Control Center system command line.

  • Task deletion: it is now possible to individually delete any user-initiated Task from StandbyMP, whether active or complete/failed. Deleting an active task will force-stop the task on the relevant system. Deleted Tasks disappear from the Task Timeline, but are still available to view on the dedicated Tasks & Events page for auditing purposes.

  • Log file threshold events are now communicated via email. Alerts like "Transfer log gap exceeded" (and similar) are now sent to specified email addresses (previously, they were only visible on the StandbyMP Dashboard).

v11.4 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential issue with Log File Compression failing during Switchover.

  • Fixed issue with ODA KVM configurations attempting to connect to an incorrect endpoint when using ASM.

11.3.0 (16 Mar 2023)

New features:

PROJECT-940: Introducing "Custom User Scripts/SQL Server Application Switchover." Users can now create and add an optional system script to StandbyMP, which can then be used at the end of any successful Switchover or Failover operation with a single click. Also works from dbvctl CLI.
PROJECT-977: New Time Gap monitoring Observer option now available for SQL Server - receive alerts across multiple channels if your Configuration exceeds a preset time gap limit.
PROJECT-829: Support for SQL Server Encrypted Connections.
PROJECT-975: New "version mismatch" detection introduced product-wide, with appropriate user warnings in the GUI if any version conflicts are detected across StandbyMP components.


PROJECT-882/972: Important dbvctl listener process memory management updates for both Windows and Linux.
PROJECT-505: Support for AUTH LOGIN connections with Office 365/Gmail email accounts.
PROJECT-847: Observer UI/UX re-done.
PROJECT-595: Creating Oracle Configurations is now fully supported through CLI - StandbyMP CLI for Oracle now has full functionality in-line with v10.
PROJECT-855: Japanese translations updated.
PROJECT-835: UX improved for using NFS filesystems with SQL Server Transportable Media option.
PROJECT-859: SQL Server Windows-to-Linux Configurations now supply correct file system path defaults.
PROJECT-747: Fixed edge-case with Task history disappearing between Control Center re-installations.
PROJECT-969: No-logging Oracle warnings now stack in the GUI.
PROJECT-970: Fixed edge-case problem with deleting notification emails.
PROJECT-912: Fixed software upgrade issues when using custom installation locations.
PROJECT-968: Updated the GUI web certificate.

11.2.1 (24 Nov 2022)

11.2.0 (06 Oct 2022)

New features

  • Oracle ODA KVM support

  • UI refresh + enhanced functionality for wide displays

  • Performance and network communication efficiency improvements

  • Improved translations for all supported languages

Bugs squashed/Improvement description

  • PROJECT-744: Improved behaviour for Oracle RAC -> single FS failover scenarios

  • PROJECT-727: Reduced size and complexity of Support Packages

  • PROJECT-728: Corrected Oracle Time Gap calculation for several edge-cases

  • PROJECT-768: Significant improvements to process management and memory footprint in long-running environments

  • PROJECT-735: Improved Automated Configuration Creation behaviour for busy SQL Server Instances

  • PROJECT-736: StandbyMP Configurations can now be deleted if the DDC and/or Oracle base files no longer exist

  • PROJECT-820: Better handling of Automatic Standby Update and Observer behaviour during Create Standby Database processes using Transportable Media

  • PROJECT-832: Prevented several kinds of incorrect GUI behaviour if buttons double and triple-clicked

11.1.0 (26 May 2022)

New features

  • Multi-language support (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)

  • Full Oracle SEHA support

  • New APIs for 3rd party integration

  • New CLI (Control Center and Agents)

  • SQL Server: Automatic "New Database on Instance" Detection + Configuration and Standby Database Creation

  • SQL Server: Multiple standby databases for a single source database

  • SQL Server: Introducing the SQL Server Graceful Switchover Cascade: seamlessly switchover and then switchback a SQL Server Database Configuration with multiple standby databases while always retaining log shipping between all affected databases.

Bugs squashed/Improvement description

  • Significant improvements made to CPU load/process efficiency/process management, vastly improving memory/CPU consumption

  • Full SMTP connection debug info is now available

  • Better handling for Windows PATH misconfigurations

  • SQL Server Apply Delay now works as expected

  • Missing logs now generate common-sense errors straight away instead of creating notifications on apply

  • Improvements for Oracle Cascades

  • CSD is now available as a multi-configuration Action for SQL Server

  • Automatic Standby Update is now disabled when activating standby for DR testing in Oracle

  • Fixed licence update UI & improved messaging for licence errors

  • Warnings added for Switchover + Snapshots interaction

  • The dashboard now shows the correct Instance state for Oracle RAC Configurations with multiple active nodes

  • Improved custom backup location handling for 2+ Configurations sharing the same primary

  • HOSTNAME_CMD files are now correctly migrated during upgrades

  • It is now possible to use non-standard local addresses for SQL Server Instance discovery

  • Added several new Events and notifications for various issues (Automated Standby Update failing, various log gap states, etc)

  • Major performance improvements to UI rendering, which should now be much faster and more responsive when working with large numbers of Configurations & Tasks.

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