Tasks and Events


Dbvisit Multiplatform has separate tabs for showing up Tasks and Events and these can be sorted based on a specific configuration or based on either a Task or an Event. A Task is user initiated like Standby database creation, Graceful switchover etc.. A event is system initiated like alerts. A Task is a process with state and progress and an event is an alert at a point in time, with no state or progress.

( 1 ) To look at the details of all the tasks and events for all configurations

( 2 ) Tasks and Events can be filtered based on either Tasks or Events

( 3 ) Tasks and Events can also be filtered based on specific configuration

( 4 ) These are tasks which are user initiated and for which progress and result can be seen.

( 5 ) These are events that are system initated at a point in time.

Below Example shows how tasks and events can be sorted for specific configuration and that shows only the events.

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