Observer - Automatic Failover


1. Introduction

This page provides detailed information about Dbvisit multiplatform Observer. The main functions of this option are:

  1. Provide remote monitoring of existing configurations, and inform the DBA of problems in close to real-time, and

  2. Optionally, automatically perform a Failover of the configuration if previously-specified conditions are met.

Unlike, the previous version the Observer is not a separate component that needs to be installed. By default, the option is enabled as soon as a DR database is created. If no custom configuration is done, the alerts are shown on the Tasks and Events bar.

( 1 ) Enable/Disable Observer, by default the option to enable the observer is available while configuring the Disaster recovery database

( 2 ) Option to perform Automatic Failover if conditions 3 and 4 are met or an option to send alert notifications with Email ( 5 ) or Slack ( 6 )

( 3 ) Configure Status check Interval. This is the interval the observer checks the configuration status. The value is in seconds and by default its set as 60sec.

( 4 ) Maximum number of failed checks before action taken: If the configuration failed the checks for the number of times mentioned with this parameter, either a notification is sent or automatic failover is performed

( 7 ) This is just a heartbeat notification to send status on a daily basis and when this parameter is enabled it would ask for a specific time for the message to be sent.

For example, if there are any issues with your standby server or primary server, an alert is initiated like below for the specific configuration.

An email notification is also sent

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