Dbvisit Standby MulitPlatform 11.1 ( 26 May 2022) Released


New features

  • Multi-language support (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish)
  • Full Oracle SEHA support
  • New APIs for 3rd party integration
  • New CLI (Control Center and Agents)
  • SQL Server: Automatic "New Database on Instance" Detection + Configuration and Standby Database Creation
  • SQL Server: Multiple standby databases for a single source database
  • SQL Server: Introducing the SQL Server Graceful Switchover Cascade: seamlessly switchover and then switchback a SQL Server Database Configuration with multiple standby databases while always retaining log shipping between all affected databases.

Bugs squashed/Improvement description

  • Significant improvements made to CPU load/process efficiency/process management, vastly improving memory/CPU consumption
  • Full SMTP connection debug info is now available
  • Better handling for Windows PATH misconfigurations
  • SQL Server Apply Delay now works as expected
  • Missing logs now generate common-sense errors straight away instead of creating notifications on apply
  • Improvements for Oracle Cascades
  • CSD is now available as a multi-configuration Action for SQL Server
  • Automatic Standby Update is now disabled when activating standby for DR testing in Oracle
  • Fixed licence update UI & improved messaging for licence errors
  • Warnings added for Switchover + Snapshots interaction
  • Dashboard now shows correct Instance state for Oracle RAC Configurations with multiple active nodes
  • Improved custom backup location handling for 2+ Configurations sharing the same primary
  • HOSTNAME_CMD files now correctly migrated during upgrades
  • It is now possible to use non-standard local addresses for SQL Server Instance discovery
  • Added several new Events and notifications for various issues (Automated Standby Update failing, various log gap states, etc)
  • Major performance improvements to UI rendering, which should now be much faster and more responsive when working with large numbers of Configurations & Tasks.
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