Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.2 ( 06 Oct 2022) Released


New features

  • Oracle ODA KVM support
  • UI refresh + enhanced functionality for wide displays
  • Performance and network communication efficiency improvements
  • Improved translations for all supported languages.

Bugs squashed/Improvement description.

  • PROJECT-744: Improved behaviour for Oracle RAC -> single FS failover scenarios
  • PROJECT-727: Reduced size and complexity of Support Packages
  • PROJECT-728: Corrected Oracle Time Gap calculation for several edge-cases
  • PROJECT-768: Significant improvements to process management and memory footprint in long-running environments
  • PROJECT-735: Improved Automated Configuration Creation behaviour for busy SQL Server Instances
  • PROJECT-736: StandbyMP Configurations can now be deleted if the DDC and/or Oracle base files no longer exist
  • PROJECT-820: Better handling of Automatic Standby Update and Observer behaviour during Create Standby Database processes using Transportable Media
  • PROJECT-832: Prevented several kinds of incorrect GUI behaviour if buttons double and triple-clicked
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