Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.3 ( 16 Mar 2023) Released


New features:

PROJECT-940: Introducing "Custom User Scripts/SQL Server Application Switchover." Users can now create and add an optional system script to StandbyMP, which can then be used at the end of any successful Switchover or Failover operation with a single click. Also works from dbvctl CLI.
PROJECT-977: New Time Gap monitoring Observer option now available for SQL Server - receive alerts across multiple channels if your Configuration exceeds a preset time gap limit.
PROJECT-829: Support for SQL Server Encrypted Connections.
PROJECT-975: New "version mismatch" detection introduced product-wide, with appropriate user warnings in the GUI if any version conflicts are detected across StandbyMP components.


PROJECT-882/972: Important dbvctl listener process memory management updates for both Windows and Linux.
PROJECT-505: Support for AUTH LOGIN connections with Office 365/Gmail email accounts.
PROJECT-847: Observer UI/UX re-done.
PROJECT-595: Creating Oracle Configurations is now fully supported through CLI - StandbyMP CLI for Oracle now has full functionality in-line with v10.
PROJECT-855: Japanese translations updated.
PROJECT-835: UX improved for using NFS filesystems with SQL Server Transportable Media option.
PROJECT-859: SQL Server Windows-to-Linux Configurations now supply correct file system path defaults.
PROJECT-747: Fixed edge-case with Task history disappearing between Control Center re-installations.
PROJECT-969: No-logging Oracle warnings now stack in the GUI.
PROJECT-970: Fixed edge-case problem with deleting notification emails.
PROJECT-912: Fixed software upgrade issues when using custom installation locations.
PROJECT-928: v10 Observer service is now correctly uninstalled during upgrades.
PROJECT-968: Updated the GUI web certificate.

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