Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.4 ( 06 Jun 2023) Released

New features:
  • New CLI feature: Controlling Automated Standby Update from the dbvagentmanager CLI. A new "dbvagentmanager auto-update" CLI utility is now available, allowing control over log shipping schedules without using the GUI. This is similar to the "daemon start/stop" commands from v10, only more powerful. Allows turning log shipping on/off, as well as adjusting settings and getting log shipping status. Works even if the Control Center is offline.
  • New CLI feature: StandbyMP repository repair, to resolve issues with repository corruption due to disk problems without having to re-install the product. A new "reset-repo" CLI utility is now available, allowing Dbvisit SQLite repositories to be repaired in case of corruption.
  • New CLI feature: resetting the administrator password for the GUI is now possible, as long as user has access to Control Center system command line.
  • Task deletion: it is now possible to individually delete any user-initiated Task from StandbyMP, whether active or complete/failed. Deleting an active task will force-stop the task on the relevant system. Deleted Tasks disappear from the Task Timeline, but are still available to view on the dedicated Tasks & Events page for auditing purposes.
  • Log file threshold events are now communicated via email. Alerts like "transfer log gap exceeded" (and similar) are now sent to specified email addresses (previously they were only visible on the StandbyMP Dashboard).
v11.4 Bug fixes:
  • Fixed potential issue with Log File Compression failing during Switchover.
  • Fixed issue with ODA KVM configurations attempting to connect to an incorrect endpoint when using ASM.
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