Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform 11.5.0 ( 02 Oct 2023) Released

New features:
  • Introducing PostgreSQL support! Your favourite database disaster recovery tool now works with PostgreSQL (versions 10+) in addition to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • PROJECT-1220: Improved UX when adding custom User Scripts while on the Switchover or Failover page.
  • PROJECT-1219: Newly-created Oracle configurations can no longer incorrectly show up as unlicensed.
  • PROJECT-1217: Oracle configurations can no longer show up as unlicensed if the primary host is down.
  • PROJECT-1208: Successful Automated Failover tasks performed while the primary database is down are no longer incorrectly marked as failed.
  • PROJECT-1165: Various alerts for Oracle configurations (e.g. log gap alerts, Snapshot status alerts, etc) are now always cleared correctly when the situation is resolved.
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