Dbvisit Standby Version Support Matrix


* Article Checked for relevance on 03rd October 2023 *

The current Dbvisit Standby version support matrix is:


Dbvisit Standby Version Supported / End of Support Terminal Release
Version 11 Supported N/A
Version 10 Support Expected to end May 31st 2025 N/A
Version 9 (Win / Linux) Support Ends December 31st, 2022 9.0.20
Version 9 (AIX / Solaris)

Support Ends April 2027

Terminal version for AIX / Solaris

Version 8 Support Ended July 2021 8.0.30
Version 7  Support Ended December 2019 7.0.72
Version 6 Support Ended December 2019 6.0.64

Support Requests on Unsupported Versions:

If you are on a version that is no longer supported and create a support request, Dbvisit Support will likely require you to at least upgrade to the terminal release. In many cases, an upgrade
to the supported version will be needed to completely resolve your issue.


How to Upgrade:

Upgrading Dbvisit Standby is an easy and straightforward process with guidelines available in our online documentation. Upgrade guide direct link:


If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact Dbvisit Support about the upgrade. We are here to help you with your upgrade. There are also upgrade services and packages available through your IT partner or directly through Dbvisit.

Release of Standby MultiPlatform (11.6.0)(Release Date: 03-November-2023)

The latest version of Dbvisit standby includes improvements and bug fixes. The details are mentioned in the release notes of the documentation and also in the support website.



Release of Standby MultiPlatform (11.5.0)(Release Date: 02-October-2023)

This is the latest version of Dbvisit Standby that includes support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. More details can be found on the below page.


Upgrade to Standby MultiPlatform:

All Oracle configurations can be upgraded from Version 9, 10 to Standby MultiPlatform. Follow the below link for instructions.


Release of Standby 10.2.2:

Dbvisit recently released an update for Standby version 10 - version 10.2.2 More details including full changelog can be found in this article:


We recommend all customers to use the latest 10.2.2 version as it has full 19c PDB (pluggable database) support and also includes Snapshot functionality.


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